Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Staying the course

Vacation is probably one of the hardest times to keep a normal schedule, so here are some tips that I've been trying to employ:

-Prepare for LONG days of running around. I have "adopted" a little mini-cooler from my Mom and pack it each morning with water bottles, almond butter, baby carrots, chopped celery, and a bag of pre-washed fruit. That way, I am always able to stay hydrated & to have healthy snack choices around so I don't cave at the snow-cone stand, the Tex-Mex restaurant, etc. It's also helpful because that way I don't overindulge at meals because I'm not famished from running around all day!

-Exercise EARLY. If you're like me, your day fills up FAST on vacation. It's constantly go-go-go and no stop until your head hits the pillow at the end of the day. No way I'm going to muster up the energy or will power to exercise then!!! So start the day on a positive note! Thank goodness my Mom has an elliptical machine upstairs - it's been a total lifesaver! But even without, there are plenty of low-fuss exercises: neighborhood jog, yoga session, or log into self.com & download any number of mobile workouts that they have available for FREE!!!

-Weekly weigh-in. I used to do a weekly weigh-in to keep me accountable for how I've been doing during the previous week. Since my weight has stabilized I've stopped announcing it to the world (although I keep doing it, just for my own benefit). But even if you aren't accountable to anyone else, its important for YOU to weigh-in regularly so YOU know how you're doing. This is especially important on vacations when eating and exercise habits tend to go out the window! I weighed-in this morning and *woo-hoo* no changes! Success!!

-Set (manageable) goals. I'm a big believer in goals for all aspects of life (career, health/fitness, even relationship goals are great!) But goals don't do any good if they're unattainable! Ease up a little on yourself when you're on vacation, but don't give yourself a free pass to do whatever! This week, my goal is to have 4 planned sweat sessions. So, just running around doing errands doesn't count (although they do make me sweaty!) Today I knocked out 1. I have another planned for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. That meets my weekly quota, and still leaves plenty of room for sleeping in (if that's even possible) and spending time with family!
Bonus: rope your family INTO your sweat session! My Friday morning exercise will be done with my sis-in-law, Jenna. I get to catch up with her while getting fit! Two birds, one stone! : )

That's it for now. Happy Summer, Y'all!!!

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