Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sleepy Saturday

I've been doing really well with my training plans - I'm pleased that I've been able to stick with it so well now that school is back in full swing. I just got home from a lovely 5 mile run around my new neighborhood.

I thought my move was going to put a huge cramp in my running style. Our old place was walking distance to a beautiful trail on the Rillito River that stretches on forever, with several bridges that allow you to make the path as long or short as you want (just cut across the bridge & head back home when you're done). I definitely miss the path, however, I'm really liking my new neighborhood runs more than I thought I would! The streets are really wide, there's tons of other joggers, bikers, dog-walkers, etc., & it just feels "homey." Since I've moved out of the parents' house at 18, I've lived in a lot of CHEAP places (read = scary, ghetto, unsafe). This is one of only 2 houses that I consider myself to have lived at that is housed in a SAFE neighborhood with home-owners rather than renters (generally home-owner neigborhoods are safer than those dominated by offense - I'm a renter!!!! That's just the truth though).

I love the big, mature trees that shade the streets, & there's a beautiful view of the mountains, too. The only problem is that where I live is pretty boxed in....I have to really weave back and forth on streets to make up some mileage and even at that, I can only get up to about 5 miles (I'm boxed in by busy intersections that I don't want to cross while jogging). But, I've been looking at it as a good thing - I can pass by my house multiple times so if i need to stop in for a drink of water (or if I want to take Rocky just part of the way, then drop him back off at home), I can totally do that. Still - when my long runs approach I'll probably drive back up to my Rillito River path.

Yesterday we celebrated one of my lab-mates' successful dissertation defenses (which means he is officially a doctor!) Chris & I made plans to go play some doubles tennis on Wednesday, which I'm really excited about. We both played in high school & its been forever since we've gone and played together (I think the last time we went was last summer). Should be fun! Also, there's talk of starting up a just-for-fun weekly volleyball game. We'll see where that goes. I feel like we just keep making plans but I have no idea when we'll fit all this stuff into our busy schedules!!!

Speaking of busy schedules, I've got to hit the shower & hit the road to get some errands done!!!

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