Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rejuvinated : )

I love yoga! So wish I could be a yoga instructor, but it's just not in the cards. Luckily, I got a great deal on yoga through Tucson's Groupon a couple days ago (3 classes for the price of 1) so of course I snagged it. I've varied my workout plan a little from what I posted on Monday, but I'm quite pleased with how well I've done (and I don't stress about changing stuff around as long as it all gets done).
So Monday I did my 1 mile fast run
Tuesday I went to the gym with a friend who KICKED MY BUTT with weightlifting!!! I also ran another fast mile.
Wednesday I did a 3 mile relaxed run.
Today I hit up Tucson Yoga for their "Relaxing Yoga" class. I'm still quite sore in my upper body from the weightlifting & I thought this class sounded perfect.
Tomorrow I'll do my 2 sprint runs (sans the 1 mile, since I added it to Tuesday)
Saturday I'll squeeze in my 5 miles
And Sunday I may hit up another yoga (also unplanned).

Completely coincidentally I ran into a fellow grad student from my department at yoga this morning. He told me the Sunday morning class is AWESOME & I want to check it out for myself!

School officially started back this week & although things are already crazy (already coming early & staying late), I've done well to find time for exercise. It just goes to show that you make time for the things that matter to you. I've yet to miss a meal, right? ; )

During the beginning meditation in today's yoga class, the instructor said to think about someone we wanted to dedicate our practice to. Someone else who could use the calming, relaxation, mediation, etc. I sent my relaxation my sister's way (who has just as demanding a school schedule as I do). Find a moment for yourself today - for relaxation, meditation. And maybe dedicate your time to someone you know and love, too. : )

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