Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Training Plan

This week marks my first official week of training for my half-marathon in January. I know it's a lot longer than typical training plans (starting 5 months before the marathon is kind of extreme), but I am starting by also mixing in a lot of cross-training & speed bursts, leaving long runs (anything in excess of 7 miles) until later (in fact, I don't break over 7 miles until the end of October).
This week starts easy:
Tuesday: cross-training (workout video)
Wednesday:2 miles of fast running (pushing myself)
Thursday: 5 miles at a moderate tempo
Friday: 2 sprint runs (sprint as fast/long as I can, break, then repeat)
Saturday: cross-training (apartment gym + weights/stretching)

I'll keep you guys updated on my training plan each week. I made this myself from copying ideas I've seen in several different training calendars and adapting them to fit my needs and my body's experience level.

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