Monday, August 30, 2010

Check it out!

You need to check this out:

This is a link to a website for The Primal Blueprint - a diet/way of life that is based on research (supposedly - I haven't read it personally) & focuses on eating & living the way humans have evolved to live and eat!

Here are the 10 basic principles from the book. Again - I haven't read the book, nor checked the researcher's credentials, but this sounds all very intuitive and makes sense to me.

1. Eat lots of plants and animals: nuts, seeds, meat, fish, foul, veggies & fruit. We've evolved to eat these things! (Careful though - fruit should be eaten sparingly & it's best to stick with foods that are in season!)
2. Avoid poisonous things: neolithic agents like hydrogenated fats & oils, including seed oils are dangerous and should not be put into our bodies! Poisonous things also include cigarettes, etc.
3. Move frequently at a slow pace: walk more! Move more! This is NOT about burning calories, it's about movement - getting oxygen into the muscles!
4. Lift heavy things: this translates to 2 full body resistance activities per week!
5. Sprint occasionally. This promotes human growth hormone (which gives you energy and makes you look younger!) It also promotes testosterone. Ancestral humans used to have to sprint on occasion (to avoid a predator or catch a prey animal)....we should too!
6. Get adequate sleep: no brainer!
7. Play, Socialize, & Relax. Humans used to spend much more time playing, socializing, and lounging around or relaxing than we currently do. To stay healthy and be balanced, we can't neglect this important part of life.
*How to multi-task? Make some of your PLAY stuff that is also going to help you stay healthy & exercised. Join your friends for a hike, play a game of tennis, or volleyball, go for a swim, etc.
8. Get lots of sunlight: be safe (use sunscreen), but it's a misnomer that we should stay out of the sun. We've evolved to have at least 30 minutes a day of direct sunlight to get the requisite vitamin D that we need. Again - be safe about it, but its' important to get sun light!!
9. Avoid stupid mistakes. Hello! Don't drink and drive, or other stupid things!
10. Use your brain! To age well, we need to use our brains! If you have a mindless job, make sure to stay cognitively active in another way! Get a hobby, play sodoku, etc. but just make sure to exercise your brain!

I got all this info from the cutthefatpodcast - I've told you about it before!

This weeks' training plan:
Monday: 2 miles fast run; 2 sprint runs
Tuesday: gym - weights, plus a little cardio (bike)
Wednesday: 2 miles fast run; 2 sprint runs
Thursday (or Saturday depending on how I feel): 6 mile run
Friday: OFF
Sunday: relaxation yoga for stretching/relaxation! : )

I know I've gotta get a 6 mile run in this week, but I haven't entirely decided if I'll go on Thursday morning or on Saturday. We'll see how I feel & how early I need to get to school on Thursday.

Happy Monday!

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