Monday, October 25, 2010

New Distance PR

First of all: Sorry - I am incredibly lazy in a hurry this morning, and did not bother to rotate the turn your head sideways or something - you'll get it : )

Today I'm attempting a new distance personal record (PR). To date, I've done 7.5 a good handful of times (probably 4-5), but EVERY TIME, right around 7 miles I start dying and by 7.5 I am DONE! I've read that this 7 mile "slump" is pretty common. Today - I'm pushing through and doing 8! That's right - it's happening!

When training for half-marathons, you're always going to have some "long runs." It's really best that you learn what food works for you prior to these long runs, so you know what to eat on race day and there's no surprises! My standard go-to is Almond Butter Toast with half a banana and just a drizzle of agave nectar honey. (I couldn't find the dang nectar anywhere!!!)

The other thing it took me awhile to learn - you need to plan in extra time for digesting your breakfast! I used to just get-up-and-go in the mornings. That's okay if I'm just running a few miles, but for distance - not so much. So (for example), I woke up at 7:00am, ate my breakfast immediately, got dressed, & now I'm blogging - planning to actually leave my house around 7:30ish. Easy - see? You just have to plan ahead.

This weekend I went camping. I've been abstaining from most alcohol in the weeks prior to my wedding. I'm not drinking carbonation (including beer) at all! That poses a special "problem" for camping. Not to worry - it was freezing cold, so I brought some sugar-free apple cider. A little splash of liqueur & it was good to go!

Check out the awesome camp fire! Good times!

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