Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall is here!!!!

Well I've been reading about cooler weather on blogs & facebook updates of friends. I have been JEALOUS!!!

But, the cooler weather is finally coming around in Tucson!

Today the high is 87, and the low is 60. That may not sound so great to those of you who've been in the 70s for weeks now, but I'm EXCITED to be out of the 90s!!! Woohoo!!!

This weekend I did my first ever race in costume!

A group of us grad students and faculty from UA got together and raced as primates in Jim Click's Run & Roll 5K. The race is to improve handicap accessibility in Arizona. We raced as primates to raise awareness of our Primate Field Course that's taking place in Africa this summer! Exciting!!!!

This morning to celebrate the cooler weather I decided on a seasonal breakfast: pumpkin pancakes! I actually ate two, but forgot to take the picture until I had eaten the first one. There's no real "recipe" - I just kinda threw stuff together.
In the mix:
-whole wheat pancake mix
-vanilla protein powder scoop
-appropriate spices (pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, ground cloves)
-a heaping helping of pumpkin!!!
-add water to desired consistency

Grill it up on a griddle until cooked through. I topped mine with a little scoop of dark chocolate almond butter (yuuuuummmmmm) and a sprinkling of chia seeds. Delish!
Look how I store my Chia seeds:

I need to get some more of these guys (hopefully for a wedding gift)

Maybe you'll recall that this week marks the first week of really gearing back up with exercise and dieting, right?

Well - so far, so good!

My biggest weakness is desert & post-dinner snackage. Well Monday I forced myself to have a banana with probably 1/2 tablespoon dark chocolate almond butter as a snack (and no fatty, processed crap). Tuesday I kept myself busy in the evening - went to a play immediately after dinner & by the time I got home my cravings for sweets had passed. Success!

Oh right - I'm also training for a half marathon (and mixing in some P90X workouts, too).

Here's the weeks' plan

Sunday: Core Synergistics & 5K race/run
Monday: Cardio X & 3 mile run (with 3 fartlicks mixed in)
Tuesday: 3 mile FAST run
Wednesday: Yoga X (in the evening) and a Shoulders & Arms dvd
Thursday: Legs & Back dvd & Ab Ripper X dvd
Friday: Kenpo X dvd
Saturday: 7 mile run

*I may switch around some of the workouts, because one of my BEST FRIENDS is getting MARRIED on Saturday morning!!!! I'm leaving for the wedding on Friday (and thus missing school), so I may do the 7 miler on Friday morning before I leave, and just plan to do the Kenpo X dvd from the comfort of my Grandma's guest room (that's where I'll be staying for the wedding). I'll keep you posted!

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