Saturday, July 31, 2010

She's too skinny, she's too fat....

My weight-loss & fitness journey over the past few months has really been a trasnformative experience & one that has caused me to re-evaluate all of my food choices, exercise routines, and even my friends.

It's hard to be healthy when you are surrounded by people who think (and then share their thoughts) in unhealthy ways.

I have 2 friends that are polar opposites:
-one is a little heavy-set, and she always looks at thin girls as stick figures and belittles them (behind their backs) for being so tiny. They must never eat, they must have no life outside the gym, they must etc. etc. etc.
-The other is very slender, but has also struggled with weight in the past. She always looks at bigger girls and belittles them (behind their back) for being their size. They must have no self-control, they must not know the meaning of exercise, they must etc. etc. etc.

It's hard to keep this type of company - and, of course, you are judged by the type of company that you keep. But not only that, it's really unhealthy to have EITHER of these points of view.

Women, especially, seem to be in a perpetual struggle to find their healthy, happy weight. There is nothing wrong with wanting and trying to become a fit individual. Their is something wrong, however, with trying to reach those goals in any unhealthy way, or by yo-yo-ing between the extremes depending on whether it's bikini season or winter.

We should all struggle, instead, to be happy with who we are on the inside, as individuals. It's hard to "fix" the outside when the inside is sorely lacking work. So before you start a big fitness-makeover routine, think about what you really want to change.

Do you find yourself thinking too much about the outside, and not enough about the inside?


  1. Even though I say and believe I have been in recovery from an e.d. and body image issues for several years now, I still fall back into negative thinking about myself once in awhile. I have to remind myself of the healthy mindset I want to have.

  2. If we joined forces and uplifted each other to show each other's true beauty change could really happen. It saddens me that we don't do that and instead tear each other down and judge each other. This is a beautiful post to show that side of things. :)

  3. So true. Well said, thank you for sharing your insight. To achieve an external appearance that we like, we must first reach peace with ourselves internally.