Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

This week is going to be particularly crazy. I mean, thank goodness for 3-day weekends, but the same amount of work still needs to be done.....just in a condensed period of time. Yikes!

Today I started off my morning with a 3 mile run. This afternoon we're going over to a friends' for a BBQ & I'm sure with all the inevitable snackage that will take place that I'll be happy I started my day off right!

Here's the rest of the week:
Tuesday - 2 miles fast + 4 sprint runs
Wednesday - workout video (got it from Netflix & it's just been sitting around for 2 weeks now!)
Thursday: OFF
Friday: OFF
Saturday: run 5 miles
Sunday: gym (cardio + weights)

I'm a little nervous about Sunday's gym day. I've been going to the gym with my lab-mate, Tommy who has immensely helped me with weights.....I mean, I don't even know how to utilize half of the crazy weight machine things the gym has. He goes on Tues/Thurs & this week is just not gonna work out for me to be able to go those days, so i'm going to have to go it alone.

I'm also hoping that Wednesday's workout video has some weight & resistance stuff. The DVD is the Biggest Loser: Last Chance Workout. I've tried their Bootcamp DVD before & absolutely LOVED it, so hopefully this one is just as good.

In other news, in exactly 2 months from today I'll be walking down the aisle! Time to really start watching what I eat & cutting back carbs in favor of more veggies!!! I'll be updating you all on my food progress, in addition to my workouts!

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