Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sick : (

Well, since my last post I've had a rough time!
I've been sick!

Luckily, I don't have the flu or anything really "yucky". In fact, I kept telling myself it was "just allergies" - but finally had to admit after some rather non-allergy type symptoms that I probably have a bad cold or something.

So, it's been hard to find the energy to do my normal workouts (much less find the time!), but I've been doing somewhat milder variations on my workouts rather than skipping them altogether. For example, instead of going to the gym - I've done a workout video from home, etc. Actually, I've done 2 workout videos this week (and I'm loving having cable again because FIT TV has 30 minute workout programs on TV - can you say DVR?!)

To try to get better fast I've also been taking my vitamins, and fueling up on protein and veggies with a green monster just about every morning this week!

Green Monster (my version):
-1 banana
- 1 scoop hemp protein powder (or berry egg white protein powder....I've been mixing it up)
- handful of pineapple chunks
-1/8 cup pineapple juice
-1/8 cup almond milk
-generous portion of washed spinach (like 2 cups maybe?)

Looks so gross.....tastes so yum! And I really feel like the antioxidants and vitamins from the spinach have been helping me in my sickness. Check out all the nutritional benefits on wikipedia!

Week's Training Plan (after modifications)
Monday: 6 sprint runs (usually I integrate these into a longer run a la fartleks, but not this morning)
Tuesday: workout video
Wednesday: workout video
Thursday: OFF (or evening 2 mile run, if it's nice out & I feel up to it)
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 4 mile jog
Sunday: 6 mile jog

So I'm going to keep fighting the good fight. Hopefully I'll be better by the weekend & be able to tackle this week's long run (6 miles) with no problem!

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